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September 26, 2008

In the past, geography has always been a significant hindrance to collaboration and most hotels require better ways to communicate with external customers and suppliers. The extranet has started forming a major part of the information systems for many hotels and it is now used as a powerful tool to manage inventory & resources in order to work in a systematic manner.
v What is an Extranet?
“An extranet is a set of content shared by a well-defined group, but one that crosses the organisation boundaries.”

Just as how an intranet is a use of Net and Web technology inside an organization, similarly an extranet is an intranet that people outside the organization have access to. An extranet allows public access to employees, customers, clients & partners. It helps improve sales, marketing, supply and customer service channels by allowing users to access the extranet and obtain the information they need. With millions of properties vying for the attention of billions of travellers, how does one grab a share of the guest’s mind??
We have just the answer for you!

The Avenues Group has launched its very own ResAvenue Extranet in order to encourage the growth of the travel sector in the region. By partnering with the ResAvenue Extranet solution, you will receive your fair share of the business which will grow at an accelerating pace.

ResAvenue Extranet gives you an instant direct route to the massive online and offline travel market. Your hotel gets prominent visibility on our two affiliate travel websites and In addition, you can reach out to 1000’s of online and offline travel agents across the world. Having all of your key business information easily and quickly accessible to others will help your hotel business prosper to a great extent. Providing those on your supply chain with all the information they need to improve their business relationship with you will help your business grow and develop better.

How will the ResAvenue Extranet benefit you?
The ResAvenue Extranet makes use of all the technology of the internet to supply your inventory information through secure managed channels, hence helping you monitor and control your business in a cost-effective way. It will drastically speed up the pace with which you can communicate within a geographically dispersed community.

The ResAvenue Extranet gives you access to fantastic promotional tools to increase occupancy rates. It provides new and exciting ways to showcase your hotel to millions of people purchasing travel on thousands of websites. The unlimited photos, marketing information, promotional tools will further help you promote your hotel.

Some of the key benefits provided by the ResAvenue Extranet are:
  • No Set-up cost
  • No annual fees or service costs
  • Free Night Promotions
  • Progressive Discounting
  • Limited Time Specials
  • Attractive Packages
Some of the big hotel chains like Kempenski, Hilton, Sol Melia, Minotel, Supranational etc have already signed up for the ResAvenue Extranet services.

How to use the ResAvenue Extranet?

Using the ResAvenue Extranet is simple & effortless. There are various ways in which you can connect and manage your inventory on the ResAvenue Extranet.

You can connect via the Automated XML Connectivity (Extensible Markup Language), which is a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. Its primary purpose is to help information systems share structured data, particularly via the Internet, and is used both to encode documents and to serialize data. The XML is considered as the best & most convenient way of managing our Extranet. Currently, Avenues has directly contracted with 4700 hotels, most of which are connected to our systems via XML.

The other option is through Pegasus feeds which allow us to work with you on a better commission structure if you are listed on any of the GDS. As Avenues is working in collaboration with Pegasus, we manage to pull out feeds of around 65000 hotels from all GDS and IDS sources, with data accessible to millions of people around the world.

The other way in which you can connect your inventory on our Extranet is by logging in yourself. This way you will have the advantage of managing your own hotel inventory, uploading your hotel rates, uploading images, creating your own unique packages, etc in the currency of your choice. Not just that, you will also have access to fantastic promotional tools to increase occupancy rates.

Incase you are wondering what you should do if you don’t have the resources to manage your own extranet. Worry not! The ResAvenue Extranet will manage the same for you. All you have to do is email our support team & with our expertise we will create your Extranet and upload your hotel inventory and manage the same at our end.

Moreover, our commission structure called the ‘Nett Non-Commissionable Rate Structure’ is simple & affordable keeping in mind the basic needs of our clients. All you have to do is give us your best available nett rates & we will mark up commission and sell the rooms through our agency offices, brick and mortar travel agents and online portals and affiliates. We work on 15-25% mark up which largely varies according to our affiliate commission structure, marketing expenses, demand-supply ratio, etc. If you work on a structure wherein your hotel rates need to be fixed, we will ensure that we mark up our commission to meet your fixed nett rate. Avenues will collect its mark up directly from the customers at the time of the reservation and will then send you the reservation details along with the customer’s credit card details.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the ResAvenue Extranet at the earliest & revolutionize the way your hotel does business. This way you can enrich your customer base and create opportunities that are out of reach.

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