Benefits of the Agent Login

August 25, 2007

Agent Login is a useful facility that is in-built into every ResAvenue account. This facility will help you to manage inventory allocation to important arms of your distribution network - Travel Agents, Wholesalers and remote Sales Offices directly online from your ResAvenue M.A.R.S. account. Agent Login is a simple yet effective system that can ease your channel management problems. It enables you to manage multiple distribution channels through a single facility.

The benefits of using Agent Login to manage your distribution network:

Direct Access
Each of your distribution partners Ė Travel Agents, Wholesalers and remote Sales Offices uses a different method to make reservations Ė telephone, emails, fax etc. This causes errors like typos, double bookings etc because there are records on multiple databases. You can avoid this confusion by using ResAvenueís Agent Login facility to create a single standardized reservation process for all of your distribution channels.

The Agent Login Facility will help you create Custom IDís for each of your Travel Agents, Wholesalers and remote Sales Offices. These IDís will enable them to plug directly into your hotels reservation system and give them direct access to your hotel room inventory.

Custom Manage
To allocate your room inventory effectively, it is vital to know which channel, agent, wholesaler or sales office generates the most business.

The Agent Login Custom IDís can help you monitor your sales on a channel-to-channel or on an agent-to-agent basis. Based on the sales/transaction information, you will be able to allocate your room inventory to each channel or agent more effectively. You can use the Custom IDís to offer room inventory at different rates to agents, wholesalers or sales office.

Incentives & Offers
You can do more than just allocate room inventory and rates using the Agent Login facility. You can generate more bookings and profits from during low season by creating special packages. You can also encourage high sales generating agents, wholesalers and sales offices by offering them special privileges or incentives. The Custom ID facility ensures that you can assign these packages or privileges only to selective Travel Agents, Wholesalers and remote Sales Offices.

Maintain Records
Now, segregating your channels, and keeping and managing separate agent records etc. are no longer complicated and tedious processes. Using the Agent Login Facility you can manage your inventory allocation on your distribution network. Since the entire process from booking to payment now takes place directly online, you will be able to view detailed records for each agent on your ResAvenue M.A.R.S. account at a click of the mouse.

Use the Agent Login Facility to simplify your channel management problems and ease the reservation process for both you and your distribution partners.

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