Fax Alert Facility for Offbeat Hotels

December 24, 2008

Is your hotel located in a region, where the internet connectivity is unreliable?

Do you receive many walk-in guests?

Have you ever lost guests because of double bookings?

If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding ‘Yes’ then ResAvenue, the online hospitality solution is the perfect online provider for you.

The ResAvenue solution does much more than enable you to manage all your distribution channels from a single window interface; accept payments in multiple currencies; and validate real-time Internet payments.

It also offers unique services that will simplify and enhance your work processes. One such feature is the Fax Alert facility. This facility was designed keeping in mind the difficulties faced by hotels located in hilly areas where the internet connectivity is unreliable or in places where electrical shortage is a common problem. ResAvenue is aware that while you have generators to keep your hotel constantly lit, your internet provider might not have the same. This lack of electricity and connectivity may lead to situations where you accidentally double book rooms i.e. you receive a reservation via your hotel website and your front desk accepts reservations for the same dates via the telephone. To prevent such situations from causing loss of guests and reputations, ResAvenue offers its hoteliers two types of reservation alert facilities – Email Alerts and Fax Alerts. By opting for both services, you will receive an email and a fax alerting you every time a guest makes a reservation.

How it works?
Once a guest visits your hotel website and makes a booking, you will receive the reservation details via email. If you have opted for the Fax Alert facility, you will also receive fax containing the guest’s reservation details.

ResAvenue’s Fax Alert facility is also beneficial for hotels where the staff is not very computer savvy. The Fax Alert facility eliminates the hassle of accessing the computer and checking the e-mail every time a booking takes place, as a fax confirmation is sent.

Note: The charge per Fax is only Rs 10 per page within India whereas the charge per International Fax varies from country to country depending on the ISD rates.

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