“Broaden Your Horizons” with the Internet Distribution System (IDS)

October 21, 2008

Times sure are a-changin’! The past decade has seen tremendous growth in the e-commerce sector bringing a whole new life to the daily online activities of millions of people. The internet has opened up new gateways, making it easy for people to compare price and packages. Nowadays, people are more aware of what they want and how to get it, without making any compromises. The demand for online bookings is rapidly growing and hotels should make the most of this tremendous growth opportunity. It has become almost imperative for hotels to have a good distribution network to capture a larger chunk of the market.

This is where the Internet Distribution System steps in.

An Internet Distribution System (IDS) is a collection of online reservation systems, travel portals and agencies which specialize in internet marketing of travel and related services. It has a huge member base and specializes in internet marketing of travel related services. These member bases include online travel agents, travel portals, travel search engines/directories, online hotel consolidators and airline websites that offer online travel reservation to travelers. The IDS helps you reach out to a wider audience through its local agents or websites. These online systems have distinctive forces and features that can be used to drive potential travelers to a given destination and to a given hotel.

But getting listed on the IDS is not as simple as it seems. It is an extremely time consuming process as hotels need to sign up with each IDS company individually which could take months. Also, individual sign up processes lead to individual fees for each listing which is a very expensive venture and not a feasible option for small and mid-sized hotels.

By opting for the ResAvenue solution you get the benefit of distributing your inventory to over 2,000 travel websites via Internet Distribution System (IDS). ResAvenue has integrated with Pegasus to offer you ‘Free Listing’ on major Global Distribution Systems and Internet Distribution Systems. ResAvenue lists your hotel inventory on Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, WorldRes, CNN Traveller, Continental Airlines,, Hotwire,, and 2000 other travel websites. Hotels who sign up for the ResAvenue solution can now reach 99% of the world’s travel agents free of cost. This means that even small and mid sized hotels can reach every connected travel agent and hundreds of travel websites around the world.

Here are some ways by which IDS can have a positive impact on your hotel: Available 24x7: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Seamless Connectivity: ResAvenue is the most simple and cost effective hospitality marketing and distribution solution in the world. You can effortlessly connect to most of the leading travel websites including Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and

Global Existence: There are 7 dominant third party intermediaries or internet distribution channels (IDS) online and each of them has thousands of affiliated websites. When you get listed on any of these IDS, you get listed on their affiliated websites.

Online Market Reach: IDS’s are extensively used by travel agents and are also the most common booking mechanism for consortia and negotiated corporate rates. You can capitalize on this situation by marketing your hotel on the Internet.

Single Window Interface: Manage all your distribution channels i.e. your own branded website, GDS and Internet travel websites from ResAvenue’s single window interface.

Content Mapper: Update the content on all your sales channels simultaneously and automatically with the Content Mapper feature.

Minimum Maintenance Effort: The information provided to ResAvenue for your hotel chain is automatically reflected into the IDS (Internet Travel Websites).

To recap, the Internet Distribution System is a cost effective single window interface solution and a great marketing opportunity. The more internet channels your property is available on, the more likely you are to be booked. It will help you enhance your presence online and significantly increase bookings.

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