5 TIPS On How To Make The Most Of Your Hotelsí Online Presence

July 20, 2007

The internet has radically changed the booking patterns of guests in the past few years. Research has shown that most guests prefer to search for their travel requirements directly online rather than going through a travel agent. Given this change of atmosphere, it has become exceedingly important for hotels to reach out to potential guests directly through their own hotel website.

Your hotel website can be a simple and cost effective way to target over 80 billion potential guests. It is also a great way to improve room occupancy, increase your overall profitability and reduce the impact of commissions on your budget.

The advantages of selling direct through website :

Offer best prices directly on your website
Guests generally do not have any loyalty towards any one sales channel. They simply choose the channel, which offers them the best price and value. By offering the best or lowest prices on your website, you can compel them to book directly through your website.

Offer an online payment facility and close sales instantly
An online payment facility will ensure you do not lose a sale to competitors as it allows interested guests to book and pay for rooms instantly. You can collect an advance room payment that ensures your sale and guests can be assured of their room weeks in advance.

Use your hotel website to build your hotelís brand value
Customize your hotel website act as your brand ambassador. Use your brand colors, logos etc to build your brand value in the guests mind. A confident brand value can help increase repeat guests and referrals.

Make instant changes depending on market scenario
The only sales channel you have complete control over is your hotel website. Get the most out of this channel by tweaking and changing.

Minimize the commission paid out to third party agents
A hotelís website can act as a great cost cutter Ė after all, the more rooms you sell direct from website, the less commission you have to pay to third party agents. This saving goes directly into your bottom line.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to reach out to your guests directly through your own website. If you want to know more about how you can make the most of your hotelís online presence, call us at 022-67425555 / 26000816 / 30913622 / 56920419 or email us at:

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