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September 15, 2007

A Global Distribution Network is essential for every hotel as it ensures that your room inventory is easily available to travelers across the globe. It can help enhance your overall profitability.

Developing a global distribution network for your hotel, however, is an expensive task that has to be done continuously to ensure the efficiency of your network.

Avenues, South-Asia’s largest integrated eCommerce Company that brought you the most comprehensive online reservation solution ‘ResAvenue’, has launched a global distribution solution ‘ResAvenue ExtraNet’. This solution can help you transform your local distribution network into a global one. It can help you distribute your room inventory to even the smallest travel agent located on the other side of the globe. This breakthrough will make great financial sense for your Hotel.

Benefits of ResAvenue ExtraNet for Hoteliers:

  1. Get an instant direct route to the massive online and offline travel market.
  2. Access promotional tools that will help you increase occupancy rates, optimize your sales performance on the web, optimize your revenue per booking etc.
  3. Upload unlimited photos, marketing information, promotional tools and more to help sell your hotel!
  4. Looking for new and exciting ways to bring your hotel to millions of people purchasing travel on thousands of travel websites?
  • Free Night Promotions
  • Progressive Discounting
  • Limited Time Specials
  • Packages & more!
Finally yet importantly, you can sign up for ResAvenue ExtraNet at Zero Setup Costs. To know more about ResAvenue ExtraNet visit:

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