Pay Travel Agents Easily though the Global Commission Payment System

May 12, 2010

New York, Paris, London, Mumbai, Geneva and more. Every hotel that wants to achieve 100% occupancy levels needs to have a widespread travel network that covers major cities and small towns. Yet many hotels shy away from developing a widespread travel network due to deterrent like ‘how to settle commission payments, currency conversions etc’ and stunt their own growth potential.  

Now, you can develop a widespread globally situated travel agent network for your hotel without worrying about how to settle commissions. ResAvenue through its alliance with Pegasus offers its partner hotels ‘The Agent Commission Payment System’, an easy online commission payment option.

The Agent Commission Payment System is the most technologically advanced and comprehensive commission processing service in the industry. It simplifies the payment process and helps you keep track of the funds flowing through this channel as it represents the majority of the world's travel agents and distributors. It is an excellent way for you to enjoy the benefits of global reach, without the complications and costs involved in building and maintaining a tracking system for managing Agent Commission payments.

By signing up for the Agent Commission Payment System, you will gain the following features and benefits:

  • Streamlines Payment Settlement
    The Agent Commission Payment System streamlines the agent commission payment and collection process and makes it easier for you to pay commissions to globally situated travel agents.
  • Simplifies & Shortens the Settlement Process
    With the Agent Commission Payment System, you can now make payments in a wide range of currencies through the global networks without worrying about conversion rates. It also enables you to settle commissions on a weekly basis. This simplified and shorter agent commission payment settlement process will also enhance the relationship between you (hotel) and your agents.
  • Reduces Operating Costs
    The Agent Commission Payment System takes the entire process from booking to commission settlement online. Moreover, every time you pay an agent records are automatically created by the system. This reduces operating costs such courier costs, postage, paper etc. It also reduces the amount and tedium of paperwork.
  • Instantly Generates Reports
    With the Agent Commission Payment System, you and your agents will receive quick and comprehensive reports instantly. This has dual benefits - it will help improve operation efficiencies and hotel-agent-guest relationships.

So, what are you waiting for, sign up for the Agent Commission Payment System today and eliminate your commission settlement headaches.

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