Tips to Promote your Hotel Website

March 09, 2008

Just like you market and advertise your hotel in the real world using newspapers, magazines etc., it is essential to market your hotel website. Why? Because your hotel website is the strongest weapon you have in your sales arsenal. It enables you to sell your room inventory Direct-to-Customer. It can help you increase your sale margins while reducing the commissions paid.

Now, that we know why it is important to promoting your hotel website. Here are some tips on how to promote your website.

You can promote your hotel website using either of these mediums - Offline and Online. However, we recommend for effective results, you use a combination of both mediums.

Tips to Promote Offline
To generate revenue and awareness about your hotel website, you should use everything related to your hotel as an opportunity to promote your website. This will help keep guests constantly aware of your internet presence and where they can find you online. Here are some ways to promote your hotel website offline:
  • Put your hotel website address ( on all sales material, advertisements and hotel stationery.

  • Prominently display your hotel website address on signs at the front desk, in rooms, and other locations that such as fitness centers, restaurants, and elevators.

  • Showcase your hotel website address on roadside banners, billboards and signs.
  • With wireless connectivity a buzz word for the 21st century, more and more travelers, are surfing the Net while driving, flying or waiting in airports. Why not promote your hotel website address, along with your rates, at these touch points.

  • Ask local companies, restaurants, attractions, and other businesses in the area to add a link to your hotel website address.
  • Play your hotel website address on the “Caller on Hold” message.
  • On your signage, put something that directs viewers to your hotel website!
Tips to Promote Online
To generate revenue and awareness on the web, you can use any of these online mediums to increase your internet presence and make guests aware of where they can find you online. Here are some ways to promote your hotel website online:
  • SEO: Search engine optimization is defined as a process of developing or re-developing your hotel website to attract traffic by securing top ranking on the major search engines/directories for selected search terms and phrases. This simply means that by optimizing your hotel website, you make it easier for search engine and thereby your guests to fins you on the internet.

  • PPC: Search engine keyword advertising also known as 'pay-per-click advertising', is by far one of the most popular and effective form of Internet advertising. When somebody types a word or term into a search engine your advertisement is displayed along with the search results. You don't pay for the display of your advertisement, only for the clicks through to your website. Pay-Per-Click enables you to list your website at the top of the search engine results by advertising keywords that best describe your product or service.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is a powerful direct-to-consumer distribution and marketing tool. It allows you to engage customers in strong, personalized and mutually beneficial interactive relationships, increases conversions, and sells more efficiently. It is a crucial component of a hotel’s overall eMarketing and online distribution strategy.

  • GDS/IDS: The Global Distribution System is used by travel agents and travel websites to provide travelers with complete travel packages and the Internet Distribution System refers to travel website or third party intermediaries. By getting listed on the GDS and the IDS you can expand your hotel’s reach to include every connected travel agent and hundreds of travel websites around the world.

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