5 Benefits of Online Booking Solution

November 07, 2007

Online Booking is not a passing trend, it is here to stay. And, hoteliers who choose not to sell their hotel room inventory directly through their website will lose sales to their own distributions partners. Even, worse will end up paying them for these ‘loses’ in form of commissions.

If thats not reason enough, then here are some other benefits of adding an online booking solution to your hotel website:

1  Eliminate unwanted enquiries
How many enquiries do you get where you respond and then hear nothing? The amount of time spent on this activity is on the increase. Online booking offers a solution that can virtually eliminate unprofitable enquiries.

2  Take Bookings while you sleep
Because online booking is normally available 24 hours a day, you are able to accept bookings at any time - even when you are on holiday!

3  Skew Bookings into dates and rooms available
By publishing your room availability, guests who are flexible can easily adjust their stay to fit in with the rooms that you have available.

4  Gain a share of the online booking market
If you don't participate, you cannot gain business from guests who choose to book online [an ever increasing number].

5  Increase the likelihood of selling last minute availability
There is a growing market trend for last minute booking - by being instantly bookable, you stand more chance of benefiting from this business.

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