Reach out to global customers with ResAvenue’s Multi-lingual Booking Engine

July 07, 2008

Does your hotel receive a large number of international guests? Have guests complained of language difficulties during the booking process? Do you think that you have lost reservations because visitors could not comprehend your reservation pages?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’, then maybe what you need is a booking solution that will let you cater to your international clients in their own language. ResAvenue Multi-lingual Booking Engine now helps you target customers on a regional basis with its multi-lingual facilities. If your hotel caters to international audiences, speak to them in their local language and give them a more comfortable experience with the ResAvenue multi-lingual booking engine.

Here is an example of how it helped an hotelier in Bali. Bali is a popular destination in the international holiday market. The hotel brand offering consisted of premium villas, which offered a unique spa experience. The website won awards year on year for its Content and for its realistic translation of the brand experience. And yet, the hotelier was bewildered. The ratio of online bookings was far below expectations. On taking a closer look at the website performance statistics, he realized that a large number of guests actually were putting in a request at the reservation page but were abruptly closing the window before completing the process. On further investigation of the sources of these requests, he found that almost all of those who ended the booking request prematurely were from countries where English was not the primary spoken language. When he put the two observations together, he realized what the problem was.

Since then he has discarded his old online reservation engine and plugged in ResAvenue as his online reservation engine. And the improved conversion rate was immediately noticed. The reason. ResAvenue comes with a multi-lingual reservation engine where a global customer can complete the entire booking process in his local language.

You might be forgiven for smiling and thinking that this is ridiculous. A majority of people, today, have at least a basic command over English, which is true. However, this basic command over English does not necessarily translate into comfort during your complex booking process with its unique set of travel jargon filled content.

Imagine this: A visitor of Chinese origin visits your website, finds the package he likes and clicks on the Book Now button. The booking page opens and he starts to fill in the information. However, during this process, he comes to a section that confuses him. Since, English isn’t his first language; he is unsure of what is required of him, he gets frustrated and closes the booking page.

You can now prevent such a scenario from taking place by enabling your guests to complete the booking process in his native language. ResAvenue, the online hospitality solution has multi-lingual booking capabilities that ensure that you do not lose sales due to language barriers. ResAvenue current has 9 language options – English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Mandarin and Japanese.

ResAvenue current has 9 language options – English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Mandarin and Japanese

By offering multi-lingual booking options, you will make the customer feel that you value him and his business even before he arrives at your hotel. It will also help enhance your hotel’s brand value in the eyes of the traveler.

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