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April 07, 2008

The ResAvenue ExtraNet gives you increased market penetration and allows your room inventory to reach the global audiences through third party resellers and independent online travel houses.

Today, the online traveler is shopping for a hotel room at multiple locations and at multiple websites. If you are not visible at the right place and at the right time, you could be steadily losing sales to your competitor. Even if you have good occupancy numbers, you need to explore opportunities to maximize your RevPAR.

Developing and nurturing a robust Global Distribution Network is no childís play. While most prominent travel solutions will give you a broad reach, you know that the best deals come not from the global biggies, but from the small low profile, in fact, almost invisible, independent travel businesses. Most hotels canít afford to spare resources to chase these small independent travel affiliates as an ongoing exercise. And yet, your hotelís financial performance relies upon being plugged in to such opportunities to maximize your RevPAR. So whatís the solution?

ResAvenue ExtraNet is a world class Room Inventory Distribution System that will add on to your existing Global Distribution Network (be it GDS or IDS) and take your room inventory to places where your existing Distribution Network currently does not. Of course, it will distribute your room inventory to all the global travel majors. But what makes the ResAvenue ExtraNet special is its focus on the small and independent travel businesses across all corners of the globe. They are the ones who can offer you the best deals. Through thousands of localized small medium travel businesses, it will deliver your room inventory to whole new guest segments that do not normally frequent global distribution majors and prefer to patronize local travel agents and portals. For example,,, etc.

Benefits of ResAvenue ExtraNet
  • Zero Sign Up Costs
  • Global Distribution Network Ė America, Europe and Asia
  • Top placement for hotels with the lowest or best room price
  • Flexible Room Plan Options (Sell by Room or Sell by Package)
  • Manage Rates quickly and easily 24 x7 with a range of online tools
  • Create special offers like free breakfast, sight-seeing tour to promote your hotel property on selected affiliate sites
  • Receive Top Placements based on promotional offer
  • Complete confidentiality maintained regarding the contracted rates.
Signing up for the ResAvenue ExtraNet is simple, quick and best of all FREE! Get connected to the Global Distribution Network at Zero Cost! Visit for more details

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