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22 July, 2014

RESAVENUE is proud to announce the addition of the RESPONSIVE INVOICE PAYMENT facility to the suite of high-end features we have specially designed for our hoteliers, which includes TripConnect, FacebookConnect and the new Responsive Booking Engine. Post offline negotiations with your guests, you can create and send invoices at the agreed rates to them via email within a few minutes. Most importantly, our Responsive Invoice Payment feature enables you to receive payments promptly from your guests. It also allows you to collect partial payments or advances and close sales instantly. Our responsive invoicing feature delivers a better user experience, helps improves your success rates and increases your profitability manifold!!

Late payments can be problematic for hoteliers as they have an adverse impact on the financial health, cash flow and business plans of their enterprises. Keeping this in mind, RESAVENUE has introduced the RESPONSIVE INVOICE PAYMENTS facility to empower hoteliers to collect payments instantly from their guests. Post offline negotiations with guests, they can create and send invoices to them via email within minutes. Our RESPONSIVE INVOICE PAYMENTS feature also allows hoteliers to receive partial payments or advances in real-time to increase their liquidity.

ResAvenue has developed this innovative feature meticulously so as to offer our large 1000+ hotelier base a powerful online tool that complements their business efforts well. This invoicing feature can be used to bill guests not just for room booking but for the use of facilities such as dining, lounge bar, conferences, gym and other amenities. The hotelier needs to provide the customer information, billing details and terms of payment (including the cancellation policy) before sending these invoices via Email.

Our Responsive Invoice Payment feature is compatible with the latest versions of all browsers installed on Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets. We have redesigned the entire process and experience of invoice payments from a guest's perspective. Due to the advanced self-adjustment feature, your invoice will be displayed perfectly on the screen of each and every device. It will provide an enhanced user experience to your guests.

Additionally, our invoicing feature supports multi-currency payments, enabling you to bill customers across the globe in major currencies and allowing them to pay in the currency they are comfortable with and know best. This means you can deliver a localized buying experience and avoid conversion disputes.

Another advantage of our Invoicing feature is that it provides the customer with different payment modes for completing the payment on the hotel's website whenever there is transaction failure. For example, if your guest cannot complete a transaction with a particular credit card because the bank server which processes it is down, he can choose another payment option from our list to make the payment.

So, avail our responsive invoicing feature as it delivers a better user experience for guests, helps improve your success rates and increases your profitability manifold!!

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