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Offer attractive Multi Destination Itinerary Packages to maximise room occupancy of all properties

20 October, 2014

Most tourists have a burning desire to hop from one dream destination to the next as long as it meets their time and budgetary constraints. Multi Destination itinerary packages have become popular with these leisure travellers who wish to explore various places on a single trip. Hotel groups (with properties at several places) can reach out to these tourists by offering them itinerary packages which meet their varied requirements.

Our RESAVENUE solution now empowers you to offer attractive 'MULTI DESTINATION ITINERARY PACKAGES' to your guests through a versatile booking process. E.g. Your itinerary package offer can have a schedule for 2-days stay at your Lonavla resort, 2 days-long stay at your Pune resort which concludes with a delicious lunch and other complimentary facilities. ResAvenue equips you with both Fixed and Flexible Itinerary Package booking options:

• Fixed itinerary packages do not allow guests to alter the number of days/nights offered to them
• Flexible itinerary packages provide flexibility to your guests in selecting the number of days/nights of their choice when making the reservation

Hoteliers must decide on which properties and rooms they wish to include in individual packages. You need to customise the package for your check-in and checkout dates/ time, package category and validity, basic package and room information, minimum/maximum nights, maximum number of Adults/PAX, child policy, taxation, package inclusions, total package rates (occupancy-wise or Fixed Amount), Cancellation Policy, etc. You can also determine the sequence of stay for your guests as well as specify the days of the week for which package rates would be applicable.

RESAVENUE's 'MULTI DESTINATION ITINERARY PACKAGE' option is the perfect way of ensuring maximum room occupancy at multiple properties throughout the year. You can now target a larger international audience thanks to its multi-currency payment collection facility.

Moreover, our secure payment processing platform offers the largest payment bouquet available online including the major credit cards, debit cards and net banking options. The booking engine is responsive and optimised for all devices including the latest smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. It seamlessly integrates into your hotel website and can be customised to match its 'look and feel' so as to provide an enhanced user experience for potential guests.

Avail ResAvenue's ITINERARY PACKAGE option to maximise room occupancy of all your properties and give your business that competitive edge!!
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