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CCAvenue:: Overview of Payment Processing Service for India - 20 million new customers for CCAvenue merchants! Avenues and Syndicate Bank sign a net banking agreement
ABN Amro the latest Avenues net banking payment option

January 14, 2008 - Mumbai.

Avenues’ South-Asia’s largest integrated ecommerce company has always strived to bring its merchants, hoteliers and event holders the best in terms of payment options. It achieves this goal by continuously adding net banks to its direct debit engine. The latest bank to make the list is ABN Amro Bank.

ABN AMRO Bank is amongst the top 10 banks in the world in size and strength. Its international network comprises 3,568 branches and offices in over 320 cities and 76 countries and territories. The addition of this bank will give Avenues merchants, hoteliers and event organizers access to a new and extensive customer base. They can now sell goods and services and accept payments directly from all of ABN Amro account holders.

This partnership will also be extremely beneficial to ABN Amro. The bank will gain advanced technology and their account holders can now use their Bank Accounts to pay for the goods and services of over 5500 of Avenues' web merchants retailing millions of different types of products and services; they can make and pay for hotel reservations online; and can make online bookings for events and exhibitions.

Mr. Vishwas Patel, the CEO of Avenues said, "Today, more and more people and businesses are discovering the power of the internet. We at Avenues want to ensure that our merchants, hoteliers and event managers, receive the most out of their real time, 24 x 7 online shops. To further this aim, especially in a credit card adverse society like India, you need to have as many net banking options as possible. However, for a smaller merchant to tie up with every bank is an impossible and exorbitant task. We aim to fill in the gap by providing our merchants with a single solution that has multiple payment options. We are constantly working towards this goal and we hope to include many more banks in the near future”.

With assets over US $504 billion and an AA credit rating, ABN AMRO Bank ranks among the top 10 banks in the world in size and strength. Its international network comprises 3,568 branches and offices in over 320 cities and 76 countries and territories, with over 100,000 highly qualified staff. As a global bank, they can handle the most complicated cross-border transactions, yet understand the subtleties of local markets.

In 1920, when ABN AMRO Bank began its services in Kolkata, India, it was known as a strong "diamond financing bank". Today, ABN AMRO offers unparalleled suite of client services - Private Banking, Businesses and Commercial banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking, Portfolio Advisory Services etc through it 28 branches in 21 cities in India.

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Avenues is a profitable, debt-free company and currently services thousands of eMerchants worldwide through its solutions,,,, It is the largest integrated eCommerce solutions provider in South Asia. Avenues has shown revenue growth and profit growth consistently, year on year. Avenues is incorporated in India, and has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and USA. The Avenues support and development center is based in Mumbai, India. The total strength of the Avenues team is currently 120 personnel, spanning across all disciplines. For more information, log onto:

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