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Trade Fairs: An Opportunity to Expand your Distribution Network

December 12, 2010

Are you satisfied with your inventory distribution network?

Is your distribution network strong enough to deliver 100% occupancy levels consistently?

Are you happy with the percentage of revenue your distribution network generates?

If your answer to the above questions is a resounding ‘No’, then here’s one activity that you can undertake that is guaranteed to expand your distribution network, improve your occupancy levels and increase your earnings – ‘attend a trade fair’.

‘A trade fair (trade show, trade exhibition or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.’ ~ Wikipedia

A typical national level trade fair can draw appx. 10,000 attendees and 1000 exhibitors, which means by attending you can meet more people in a day or two, than you can call or meet in a month. Attending a trade fair will help you meet industry colleagues from across the country even the world. Learn about the latest technology, discuss and debate the best marketing strategies and most importantly make connections with people living across the country. This networking activity will open up doors for future communications with potential agents - a door that very difficult to open because of geographic restrictions. Simply put, by attending a trade fair you can connect with potential agents and distributors and start the process of adding them to your inventory distribution network. This will expand your market reach and increase your revenue generating potential.

If you are still not convinced and consider attending trade fairs an expense and unnecessary activity, meant only for large hotel chains and groups, here are a few more benefits that will change your mind:
  • A trade fair will give you the opportunity to not only showcase your hotel not only to potential distributors but also prospective guests. (Many trade shows are open for the general public)

  • A trade fair represents a significant opportunity to establish a presence in the marketplace, enhance your brand hotel visibility and prospect for distributors.

  • A trade fair can help you learn about the latest industry trends, gain competitor insights and make industry contacts (travel agents).
  • Most importantly, a trade fair provides you (your hotel) with a large amount of exposure.
To summarize, trade fairs are not just meant for big hotels with money to spend, they represent an opportunity for any hotelier, whether you are running a 1 star or a 7 star, to network with suppliers, distributors and even your potential guest. So consider attending a trade fair, develop contacts and expand your distribution network.  

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